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The Frequency Queen

Amber has been a  practicing intuitive, teacher, and sound healer internationally for the past 2 decades.  Her passion lies in exploring and combining the healing and transformational techniques of the world’s ancient with modern cutting edge science.  She has traveled extensively and studied on site in Egypt, Australia and South America. 

She has directly recorded the healing songs of the whales off the coast of Hawaii and led retreats and workshops around the world. 

Amber is sought out by healers and executives alike for her ability to intuitively find your internal blocks and shift into a state of powerful and aligned ease and connection.


... Because Frequency is Everything.

'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." 

– Nikola Tesla.

Energy. Frequency. Vibration. 

These are not just the secrets of the universe, but the secrets to your individual life as well.  These are the core element of all healing, all growth and all success. 

If you’re operating in a mode of constant stress there is no way that you can be getting aligned with health, joy and growth. 

The tricky thing about this stress and disconnection is that it creeps in over time and we don’t always realize its there. But if you feel like you’re constantly running uphill, constantly in stress and fighting to keep up with life, one thing is for sure…

You need to connect to your fundamental frequency.

Every single person has a fundamental frequency.  A way that they "Be" in life that helps them feel radiant, expressed, powerful and totally aligned with who they are meant to be. 


If your life is really calling for more abundance, more love, more ease and flow you have got to find your fundamental frequency.  


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I had a such an amazing experience with Amber at the Radiance Reboot Retreat.  The day was filled with activities of inspiration, healing and creativity. I felt re-charged by the end of the day.  The name definitely lives up to the experience. There were many "a-ha" moments! I highly recommend working with Amber for anyone who feels like its time to increase their radiance.

- Dana P - Metaphysical Practitioner


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